Audit and Assurance

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Audit and Assurance

We provide independent audit services designed to assess the reliability of information prepared by our clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders, and compliance with Pakistan specific statutory reporting requirements. The effective and efficient application of our audit methodologies is greatly enhanced by e-Audit , AJCO’s computer-based audit Documentation software. It includes industry specific audit modules, as well as an automatic focus on audit requirements for specific risk areas identified. 

This audit tool supports our continuing efforts to manage the efficiency and the quality of our audit process. Companies may sometimes prepare prospective financial information in a context where there is a regulatory requirement for information to be reported on by an independent external firm. Audit services also include a wide range of other forms of attestation services and reports. We are often called upon to assist clients issue reports on examinations, reviews or agreed-upon procedures. These services cover many needs for attestation that are outside the financial statement audit requirements.

Our audits are structured to
provide our clients:

  • Fresh perspectives on opportunities to enhance continuous improvements in their financial processes, controls, risk management and corporate governance
  • A clear and consistent focus on key issues
  • Continuous feedback
  • Timely reporting
  • A year-round, hands-on involvement that aims to anticipate issues and provide practical support in resolving them on a timely basis
  • Business orientation.