We offer ideas

We offer ideas, experience, independence and commitment to position our clients to take advantage of opportunities in Pakistan.

We take a hands-on approach in helping clients identify new opportunities to make sustainable
changes to strategy, operations and finances.

Getting the right advisory support is critical to doing business in Pakistan. AJCO Pakistan has a well-established Transactions & Restructuring practice that was involved in debt restructurings following the 1998 Asian economic crisis and is now also an international accredited Transaction Services practice that works with foreign and local investors on deals in a broad range of Pakistan industry sectors.

Transaction Services

Our Transaction Services team is a trusted adviser to many of Pakistan’s leading corporations and financial investors in addition to many international companies.

AJCO’s Transaction Services practice helps clients
plan and complete major business transactions.

Buying or selling a business or a major asset, undertaking a merger or initiating an IPO can
all destroy value unless planned and conducted
correctly. Difficulties and risks compound when deals cover multiple jurisdictions.

Critical concerns that AJCO’s Transaction Services can advise on include:

  • Finding the right opportunities at the right price.
  • Securing rock-solid finance.
  • Obtaining stakeholder buy-in.
  • Performing timely and robust due diligence.
  • Aligning deals with strategic business objectives.
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Realizing business synergies.
  • Extracting value from business integration.

Restructuring Services

Our Restructuring professionals have extensive experience in steering stressed and distressed businesses towards a stronger position. Our Financial Restructuring services include:

  • Modeling the viability of a restructuring plan.
  • Critical review of liquidation analyses and
    Sustainable debt scenarios.
  • acting as a “screen” for creditors to filter
    Information provided by a company and determining its usefulness.
  • Assisting companies to provide the right, relevant
  • Assist creditors in assessing a company’s financial
    position and critically analyze and interpret such information.
  • Coordinate negotiations between creditors and a
  • Monitoring of cash, working capital and financial
    performance as Monitoring Accountant.
  • Cash management.